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Policy #40
Paid Holiday Policy

Date of Current Revision: Jul 12th, 2012


Reviewed and approved by Roy Ferguson, Interim President.


The following describes the College's policy on designation of and payment for holidays.


Fulltime employees are eligible for paid holidays starting with the first day of employment.  Part-time employees are not eligible for paid holidays. 

To receive holiday pay, an employee must either work or be on approved PTO the day before and after the holiday.


Scheduled Holidays

The days designated by the College for observance are: 

  • Memorial Day – last Monday in May
  • Independence Day - July 4th
  • Thanksgiving  - November - fourth Thursday
  • Friday after Thanksgiving - November - as stated
  • Christmas Break - December 24th thru January 1st - To be determined on an annual basis

When a scheduled holiday falls on Saturday, it is observed by the College on the preceding Friday and when it falls on a Sunday, it is observed on the following Monday.